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It’s travel time!  NYFW is coming up plus Spring break and I feel like it’s just get-away time in general!  I struggle with packing whether I’m going on a two-day trip or a five-week trip! I tend to bring too much or not enough, so I finally decided to sit down and write a list of what I need exactly when travelling since its that time of year.  This list has saved my life on so many occasions (like when I’m attempting to jam 7 pairs of shoes into a bag for a weekend get-away and I remember I have a list) hehe.  I hope this helps you if you’re a packer-struggler like me 🙂

1) Basic Black t-shirt

2) Basic White t-shirt

3) Nude Heels

4) Flat Shoes or Boots (depending on the time of year!)

5) Light-wash denim

6) Dark-wash denim

7) Black leggings

8) Neutral blazer or cardigan, or both…it’s usually both 😀

9) Neutral Blouse

10) Dress

11) Scarf

12) Coat or Jacket if I’m going somewhere cooler or it’s Fall or Wintertime!

13) Statement Necklace and/or Bracelet and/or Earrings

Plus my other travel essentials such as pj’s, socks and undies, etc.  All these pieces can be easily mixed and matched to create multiple looks that are suitable for running around or going out!  Stick to neutral colors that pair well with each other so you can create lots of looks without packing lots of stuff!

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